Yours, Mine and Ours - Parents Beware!

Duration: 90min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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Parents everywhere, pay attention! If you love your children you won't expose them to the mass produced, cheap garbage that passes for "family movies" in this day and age, especially when there are so many wonderfully creative and inspiring choices to pick from. Here are the reasons you should not take your family to see Yours, Mine and Ours a "family movie" that is no good for families:

Lame Ass Jokes
Your children must be smarter than the kind of jokes this movie is peppered with. Oh look, there's a pig burping. Hilarious! Let's laugh at the old woman's panties! Ha, ha! Teach your kids what real humour is. Don't expose them to this kind of trite, cheap jokes.

Terrible Performances
Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo are just not cut out for comedy. You know the kind of guy in the office who thinks he's really funny but isn't yet still tries so hard and everyone just smiles uncomfortably at his jokes? That's Quaid and Russo. You don't want your kids turning out like that, do you?

Predictable Plot
If your kids can't see everything in this flick coming then they must have some sort of learning disability. This film won't challenge their growing little brains. You have a choice. Expose your kinds to mindless time wasters or expose them to things that will stimulate their development.

Questionable Values
Teach your kids to question what they see not to accept the world as it is given as they do here in this film. Every race is a stereotype. Every gender follows strict rules. This film has so many status quo reinforcing moments I lost count. Do you want your children to be leaders or followers? It's up to you.

There are so many wonderful films for kids (of all ages) playing in cinemas right now why would you spend your hard earned dollars wasting your time and your kids' time. Skip this movie at all costs. It's 80 minutes of your life you will never get back.

If you are looking for a baby sitter, get an actual baby sitter. Your kids will thank you.

Review By: Collin Smith

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