Bride and Prejudice - Culture Clash

Duration: 107min
Category: Musical
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Sure it has one of the oddest sounding premises (not to mention titles) of 2005, but Bride and Prejudice is a sweet treat.

Literally Bride and Prejudice is a modernization of Jane Austin's masterpiece with a very similar title done in Bollywood style. You're probably thinking, "what the…?" at this point, but trust me, it works.

Sure there are ridiculous musical numbers thrown in for no reason (mostly all banal indo-pop in good Bollywood tradition) and groaner one liners but this is a part of the fun. It wouldn't be Bollywood without it.

It also has Austin's wonderful story, which Bride and Prejudice sticks to very closely. In this case it's a remarkably beautiful Aishwarya Rai who is one of many daughters born to a marriage and status obsessed mother who must marry them all off to high ranking men. She meets the American Mr Darcy (cute but forgettable Martin Henderson of The Ring) and… well you know the story.

Bride and Prejudice preserves enough of the author's narrative to remain a fine bit of storytelling while adding just enough Bollywood wackiness to make it twisted fun. Plus the modern, intercontinental turn adds new meaning to the title.

Review By: Collin Smith

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