Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders - Holy Nostalgia

Rated: PG13
Duration: 73min
Category: action
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From the start of Batman Return of the Caped Crusader, you know this is a love letter to the fan favorite 66 show and pure love of Batman in general. It's not so so subtle references to the show tied with homages to famous comic book covers (the original appearances of each character) is the way the film makers show us they are fans and made this for the fans.

The plot and script feels like an episode of the original show, perhaps taken a little farther than the live action show did. From the plethora of alteration lines, the repeated "holy ____" quotes, the overt moralization, to the high levels of camp, the script perhaps skirts the edge of becoming full on parody of itself. But to be fair, a self-parody of a show like Batman 66, which in itself is almost self-parody, is an oxymoron. Perhaps the best way to relive the magic of that series is to full on embrace it and that is exactly what Return of the Caped Crusader does.

The story actually ends up being somewhat compelling. The "corruption" of the boyscout Batman who stars in this show is a clever take on this iteration of the character. Even more than the live action movie which spun out of the series, this film not only captures the spirit of the show but invigorates it by exploring themes (Batman's morality) that the show may never have taken on.

Hearing the voices of the original leads, seeing each "bam" and "pow," and listening to the egregious puns would have been enough to enjoy a lovely nostalgic throwback to one of the most loved TV series of the 60s and a geek-chic cultural touchstone. But to explore the dark side of the most uncorrupted version of Batman to hit the screen, adds an element of fascination and energy to the experience. This isn't just a tribute, a cash grab. It's actually a fun and interesting exploration of that world.

The producers have anounced a sequel is on the way. If this is the start of something new, that's pretty good news.

Review By: Collin Smith

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