Moonlight (2016) - The only man

Alliance Atlantis
Rated: R
Duration: 110min
Category: drama
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The final moment of Moonlight is one of the most powerful moments I have seen in a film ever. It is a moment of touching beauty which is reached only after a lifetime of pain. Anyone who has experienced the forced absence of a lover's touch can understand and relate to the hero of Moonlight's relief here. It is a profoundly moving moment which sums up a profoundly moving film.

Writer director Barry Jenkins has produced a stunning movie which explores poverty (especially as it intersects with racialized communities), toxic masculinity, and homophobia. Told over three periods of a young man's life (his childhood, his youth, and his young adulthood), Moonlight is raw and rich in its painting of this man. He is an example of strength and humanity as he faces some of the greatest challenges a young man might have to face. And it is in finding a moment of peace and love at the end which is so wholly triumphant. Jenkins' masterfully builds us to this moment and shows us just how beautiful and truly wonderful it is.

All three actors who portray Chiron do a wonderful job. Each plays him stoically and silently strong and yet each manage to reach into a very vulnerable place. It is Trevante Rhodes' lovely breaking down of a man shedding his armor in the last act of the film which makes it so successfully moving. He and Andre Holland have an amazing chemistry and their final act is so compelling, so watchable, so satisfying. It is impossible not to be moved by it.

Moonlight will blow you away and will make you so very glad you spent your time with it.

Review By: Collin Smith

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