Sausage Party - Flacid

Duration: 88min
Category: comedy
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So it turns out that just having cartoon food say "fuck" a lot and then watching cartoon food actually fuck, isn't as funny as one would imagine. In fact it gets tired quickly. Even more tired than that? Racial, gender, and sexual minority stereotypes. Turns out running those tropes into the ground isn't hilarious for long either.

Sausage Party is a movie (and a title) which isn't as clever as it thinks it is. Take the idea behind Toy Story, Secret Life of Pets, and Wreck It Ralph, that stuff comes to life when humans aren't watching, and apply it to food. Then make the food say vulgar things. Then apply a clumsy critique of religion, and one would think you'd be on to something. Really. But it turns out not so much.

The jokes rely on very worn out ideas. Just saying vulgar things isn't funny in itself. It might get an initial giggle out of pure shock value at first. But after the millionth "fuckin' fuck fuck" it becomes like anything else repeated again and again. Don't you have anything else?!? Even worse is the way the film exploits cultural stereotypes of every sort. I get it. It's cool to be all anti-PC. But making fun of everyone doesn't make it all suddenly so clever. It's lazy. The problem with Sausage Party isn't that it's offensive (there are a few moments where it veers into offensive territory) but that it's lazy. The jokes are just so fuckin' obvious.

But the worst part for me was how horribly the film's theme plays out. There is a clever idea buried in here somewhere. The food product in the grocery store all have a religion about the great beyond (think the aliens from Toy Story and their "claw") and it turns out it's all made up. Clever sure, except that the film reveals that it's not actually about the fact that there aren't gods (human's are the gods who promise paradise to the food), it's that the gods are fuckin' evil. The whole film is teaching us to attack the gods. Really? This is your fuckin' science vs. religion debate?

And by the time you are just so completely fuckin' over hearing hot dogs say "fuck" the film jumps the shark by throwing a huge food orgy. Yes, the entire grocery store has explicit sex in front of your eyes. It's all played for laughs like the very idea of exploring sexuality is funny. Perhaps if you are 14. But when you are a grown up that actually likes sex the whole thing just seems excessively ridiculous.

The film fails as satire. It fails as comedy. It fails as entertainment. At just over 80 minutes it's boring. The film tries to save itself by going even more super meta at the end but I just wanted it to fuckin' end.

Review By: Collin Smith

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