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The Weather Man the movie is about as exciting as watching a weather man on television. There are two reasons for this; the director and the star.

Letís begin with the star. Nic Cage, despite the praise he has earned and the Oscar he won, is not a versatile actor. Like other Oscar winners before him, Jack Nicholson is probably the best example, Nicholas Cage is very good at playing one role. He can not stretch and does not fit into any role.

The Weather Man demands that he be the everyman, lovable loser. He is simply not capable of playing this part. His face, with its crooked smile and elongated features, is just not ďeveryman-ishĒ enough to be believable in this role. Then there is his affected way of speaking. On air personalities have this drilled out of them so they can be as bland and ineffectual as possible. There is no way I believed for a moment that Cage was reading the weather.

Then he is supposed to be a frustrated everyman. Okay, frustrated prison escapee, frustrated biker, even frustrated politician I could buy him. He does not have the chops to play this role. Especially when having to act next to the remarkable Michael Caine who is always brilliant and here makes Cage look like an amateur.

Cage looked completely awkward throughout. He did not belong in this movie and just isnít the kind of actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman comes to mind as a good example, who can loose themselves in a role.

This would leave one to believe that The Weather Man could have been a good if the casting had been better. Sorry. That is incorrect.

Verbinski likes beautiful images and he knows how to evoke emotion. However he isnít good at getting beneath the surface of anything. His films work best when there is very little depth to them, as in the enormously fun Pirates of the Caribbean. Whenever one is supposed to be gleaning anything more meaningful from Verbinskiís work, he fails. Heís a visual director only, on par with Michael BayÖ okay thatís unfair, I apologise Verbinski. No one is as bad a director as Michael Bay.

The Weather Man tries to get into exploring how mundane our modern lives are, how we have lost our purpose and meaning. So many other films have dealt with this on such a different level that The Weather Man feel amateurish.

Skip The Weather Man and watch the weather report on TV. You will get more out of it.

I have to add that I don't ever remember seeing as much product placement in one film as I did in The Weather Man. With all they must be raking in from the corperations, I am surprised they haven't made all their money back already.

Review By: Collin Smith

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