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Duration: 135min
Category: action
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Tony Scott is the master of the action flick. Heís the man that the Michael Bays and the Simon Wests want to be. Domino, his latest, is everything an action movie should be, and nothing more.

Domino is the somewhat fictionalized story of Domino Harvey, the daughter of an actor who gave up modelling to become a bounty hunter. The real Domino was found dead this summer due to an overdose but the movie Domino is alive and well as a kick ass action hero.

Domino drips with style. Scott has mastered his form over the years and has come along way from his Top Gun days. Sure heís still not interested in the kinds of films his brother makes at his best, but what he is interested in is a whole lot of fun.

Scott fills the films with imagery intended to evoke the adrenalin needed to sustain this kind of adventure. He doesnít simply rely on explosions and mayhem but invests his films with emotion as well. There are consequences to the violence in a Scott film. This raises the stakes and makes the ride that much more satisfying. While Domino doesnít reach the emotional heights of his last work Man On Fire, it still resonates with its audience more than the average disposable action film.

Scott manages to keep all this style in check. He uses it masterfully instead of throwing it around willy-nilly like most music video directors today. Instead each slow-mo, each over exposure, each quick cut is timed for a reason, to draw out the appropriate reaction from his audience.

A big coup for the film is the cast. While all first rate, the whole crew depends on the success of the leading lady and in this case they have a real star. Keira Knightley is a bisexualís dream come true; just enough boy mixed in with a whole lot of pretty girl. She makes any film (even King Arthur) worth watching.

Domino never rises above its own genre but it remains a fun example of what an action film should be. For fans of action itís worth seeing on the big screen for Scottís beautiful imagining. Otherwise itís a solid renter for any kind of an audience.

Review By: Collin Smith

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