Serenity - Serenity Now!

Duration: 119min
Category: Sci Fi
Available: On DVD
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This is for all those who have never seen an episode of Foxís critically acclaimed but little watched series Firefly and know very little about the big screen adaptation called Serenity; get out as soon as humanly possible and see this film!

Serenity is among the best science fiction ever. This is no exaggeration. It holds up with the best of the best. The cult fans have known this for a long time and now itís time for the rest of the world to discover.

Serenity is the brainchild of Buffy creator Joss Weadon. It creatively mixes the sci fi and western genres, taking the best of both and creating something never really seen before. This isnít Star Trek. In fact it may be what Star Trek wishes it could be. Whatever it is, itís smart and action packed with wonderful characterization and Weadonís trademark wit laden dialogue.

Firefly, like Arrested Development before it, was a Fox series that despite heavy promotion and critical raves could not find an audience. After half a season, Fox gave up on it. However the DVD set sold like hotcakes and since many think Weadon is some sort of wunderkind the idea of turning this story into a movie suddenly seemed like a bright idea. Weadon delivers, taking it all to the next level.

You do not need to have ever seen an episode to be able to enjoy Serenity and follow the story. However if you are a fan of the series, it will seriously satisfy. Nothing about Serenity disappoints.

Serenity will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you want to cheer and cry, and become the kind of film you want to enjoy again and again. Do yourself a favour and get out to see this film.

Review By: Collin Smith

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