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Who would have ever imagined that little Jodie Foster would grow up to become an action star?

The Oscar winning actress has followed up Panic Room with another mother-protecting-her-daughter-from-bad-guys action thriller Flight Plan. Okay, Flight Plan is no Panic Room but itís not bad as far as action thrillers go.

The drill is that Jodieís daughter goes missing on a huge plane during a transatlantic flight but things get even screwier when it begins to appear that no one else ever believed she was ever on the plane. Is Jodie crazy or is there some plot?

Alright itís a bit unbelievable but so are most action thrillers. What this film has got going for it is one important thing; Jodie. She is able to bring a level of reality to this mile high menace movie that regular action stars miss. Putting real actors in action movies leads to more believable action and Flight Plan is a good example of this. Much of the suspense is psychological which is effectively communicated to the audience through the level of performances.

Jodie is aided by the talents of Sean Bean and the wonderful Peter Sarsgaard. A movie like this works because it gets into your head and gets your butt on the edge of your seat.

Audiences needing big explosions should stay home.

Also, the film is well shot. Unremarkable director Robert Schwentke has done a good job making the film look really pretty. Itís too bad that Wes Craven wasnít able to create the kind of kinetic energy in a tight space in Red Eye that Schwentke is able to do here. He makes it worth seeing on the big screen although that doesnít mean itís worth repeated viewings.

The movie gives us the thrills we desire and we only have to suspend our disbelief a small bit. Itís not revolutionary but itís fun and thatís all this kind of popcorn flick should be.

Review By: Collin Smith

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