Aristocrats, the - The art of funny

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 89min
Category: Documentary
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As I write this review I am still sore from the amount of laughing I did while viewing the latest hot documentary to sweep the country, The Aristocrats. That should be enough of a ringing endorsement, but I havenít even got to the punchline yet.

The Aristocrats purports to be a documentary about historyís dirtiest joke. Imagine the most vile, sick and twisted gag you ever heard and times it by 100. However, itís not really about that. In reality the joke is irrelevant. Instead this movie is about art.

Okay, I know that sounds pretentious but in this case it really is true. This is an exploration of whatís funny and how we make things funny. Itís not about what the story is; in this case the joke itself isnít really that funny. Itís all in the delivery.

Sure you hear the same joke over and over but each one is a completely different experience. Then they go off on riffs on the same theme which is even more hysterical. As I said, The Aristocrats is really about how art is created. In this case, the art in question is comedy but it really can apply to any form of expression.

Much is made about Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Sagetís renditions of the joke but for my money, it is Martin Mull and Sarah Silverman who give the best takes on the old yarn. The South Park guys have a good crack at it as do Penn and Teller. Overall my favourite bit is done by Mario Cantone with his Liza with a Z version. I canít even type about it without cracking up.

Go see this, you will laugh your ass off. Whatís it called? The Aristocrats.

Review By: Collin Smith

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