Red Eye - Thrills Delayed

Duration: 85min
Category: Thriller
Available: On DVD
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The plot of Red Eye is quick and easy. A bad guy threatens a woman on a plane and she must then find some escape. I was eager to see a fun thriller on a plane movie, especially one from Wes Craven.

Surprisingly, for a film about a killer on a plane, not much happens in the air in Red Eye. Sure there is some psychological tension built, mostly by the super creepy charm of Cillian Murphey, but little else goes on. Despite what the admittedly excellent trailers for this film make you believe, the first 50 minutes of Red Eye are actually quite boring.

Then they got off the plane and a lot of silly things happen like how easily everyone is getting off the aircraft. I've been on many planes in my life and I hate the part after the plane has landed and everyone is taking an hour to get their bags from the overhead compartments. If you are one of these people, please wait until those of us who want off can get off before you go about wasting everyone's time with all your stupid luggage. The point of all of this is one can never run off the plane quickly, even when someone is stabbed in the throat. In Red Eye they do it easily, evading security in the process and, did I mention, one of them is stabbed in the throat!

I was ready to give up on this film when finally it gets good near the end. Red Eye ends as a woman-stalked-by-the-killer-in-her-house film, only instead of her being the victim, she kicks ass. Muphey gets pounded, maybe it's because he's still stabbed in the throat, but he takes a lickin'. Maybe Craven wanted to get some revenge for all those young woman stalked by serial killers in his movies. He allows her some payback and then wraps the whole thing up quicker than you can say, "thank you, goodbye!"

Red Eye is only good for about the last 15 minutes. The rest is fine but if we want excitement in the air I guess we will have to wait for Jodie Foster's Flight Plan or maybe next year's aptly named Snakes on a Plane with Sam Jackson.

Review By: Collin Smith

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