Me and You and Everyone We Know - Poop, back and forth, forever

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Duration: 91min
Category: comedy
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About five minutes into Me, You and Everyone We Know I sunk into my chair. I was in for a long, boring indulgence into pretentious meaninglessness. When the credits finally rolled, I thanked God I was wrong. It wasn’t long.

Me, You and Everyone We Know is the directorial debut of actress/writer Miranda July who also happens to star in this vanity project. The film consists of a lot of longing looks, screwball personas and characters spewing “the meaning of life” in their casual conversation.

I hate this kind of writing. You know what I mean when every character in the movie speaks the same way and is always saying something with three meanings that uncovers the secrets of the universe. Characters in Me, You and Everyone We Know don’t even have the chance to say hello before they must be revealingly deep and substantially odd at the same time.

As a shoe salesman is connecting with a customer and possible soul mate, “You think you deserve foot pain but you don’t.” How deep!

The film is trying desperately to be quirky funny to the point where no one ever appears to be more than the set up for a punch line. Napoleon Dynamite would seem dour and conservative if dropped in the middle of this neighbourhood. However, most of this humour is forced. We are to laugh at a gallery owner because she goes on about how breathtaking a piece is only to find out it’s a discarded hamburger wrapper. I’ve never heard that one before.

The other major fault of the film is how it tries to shock us with burgeoning sexuality. Seniors passionately in love! Shocking! Adolescents experimenting with sex! Filthy! Young children talking about sex! How risqué! Chatroom conversations about scat! Heavens no! Can you read my sarcasm through my writing?

Message to indie film makers everywhere; don’t try to be deep, just be. Oooh… that’s about deep enough to fit into the script for this film.

Me, You and Everyone We Know is summed up best by a line from the film, shockingly said by a 6 year old. "You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole ... back and forth ... forever." I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Review By: Collin Smith

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