Dukes of Hazzard - Good old film?

Duration: 106min
Category: action
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Surprise! This movie doesnít suck. While The Dukes of Hazard is by no means a masterpiece or even that good of a movie, it isnít all that bad either. Itís good for a fun night out. Here are the biggest surprises youíll find in this summerís best guilty pleasure.

Itís damn funny.
The jokes are actually too smart for the movieís own good. There is a line about Celine Dion and a sequence with black face that made me laugh out loud. Who knew a movie starring Seann William Scott could have anything but toilet humour. The jokes fly fast and high and they might go over your head.

Itís not a spoof.
The film actually tells a Dukes of Hazard story and doesnít just put the characters up for ridicule a la crap like Starsky and Hutch. Okay, the story isnít Hamlet but itís better than most of these TV remakes whose plot is there just to string along the jokes. Itís just like a good episode of the old series.

Lots of great car chases.
This is what we came to see, besides maybe Jessica Simpsonís shorts, and the film delivers. This isnít just retread either. I havenít been this impressed with car chases since Popeye Doyle was hunting drug smugglers. Screw Matrix Reloaded this is what car chasing is all about.

Change is good!
Sure they change around some of the characters but the spirit remains true to the series and so what? Itís not like the TV series was exemplary of character development. Who could tell the difference between Bo and Luke anyway besides one was blonde and one wasnít. Now at least they have evolved into characters.

You can bring the Dukes into the modern era.
The movie addresses some of the uncomfortable Duke issues like how do we root for guys driving around with the Confederate Flag on their roof? Also, one of the funniest bits is when Daisyís ass wiggling gets shut down by a female cop. Welcome to the new millennium hillbillies!

Johnny Knoxville is a genuine movie star.
Who knew the Jackass himself could have not-too-pretty-but all-around-rockiní sex appeal and a real screen presence? If this guy challenges himself we might actually refer to him as an ďactorĒ one day.

Jessica Simpson can act!
Okay, I lied about this one. Sheís terrible in this movie and if it wasnít for her bikini she should have been left on the cutting room floor. Why did anyone let her attempt that accent? What a mess. Stick to your day job, showing off your low I.Q. on TV.

I recommend that you see this one in the theatre but on the proviso that you arenít expecting anything earth shattering. Just go in, have a good time, and let the inner hick come out and enjoy.

Review By: Collin Smith

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