Sky High - Sky's got its limits

Walt Disney
Duration: 102min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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Sky High turns out to be a lot more fun than one would expect. Despite feeling like a low budget television program, Sky High is entertaining despite itself.

It looks like Disney cheaped out on the budget for this flick. The production values look like an episode of Saved By the Bell. However, the script turns out to be fairly smart and despite a few notable exceptions, the cast nails it.

Sky High is the tale of a young boy whose parents are the world's greatest superheroes. The problem is he has no powers of his own. He goes to a special High School just for superheroes. Along the way he learns the usual lessons about growing up, friendships and the way the world works.

Ok, there is nothing revolutionary here. The messages are fairly standard but the jokes are right on the money. Even better are the cameos by Bruce Campbell, Cloris Leachman, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald and former Wonder Woman Linda Carter who all show how to make the most of this material.

Unfortunately, the leads leave more to be desired. Michael Angorano in the lead role is so non-existant as a second generation superhero his power should have been invisibilty. However he can't come near to how bad Kurt Russel hams up his role as the dad, The Commander, the world's supposed biggest hero. He's just painful to watch.

However, he's not really in the film that much and the rest of the cast is having so much fun that this film, which never aspires to be anything more than safe family fare, turns out to be not so bad.

Not a great film, but worth checking out if you are looking for a good laugh, good lessons for the kiddies or if you are a comic book fan of any sort. At least Sky High is better than Fantastic Four. Check it out for debut actor Steven Strait. Ok, he's not a good actor but, as they say in High School, he's totally "hot." Get it??

Review By: Collin Smith

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