Godfather, the - Take the cannoli

Duration: 175min
Category: drama
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Iíve been struggling to figure out how to review one of my all time favourite films. The Godfather was one of the first films I saw that truly made me love movies. If this is one of those films you have always meant to see but never managed to, go out and rent it right now. I canít emphasise enough what a satisfying experience the original Godfather and its sequels are.

Having said that, Iíve decided itís impossible for me to ďreviewĒ the film in a traditional way so instead I will simply list some of the reasons I love this film and never tire of watching it.

The Story
I have always said that the difference between a good movie and a bad movie is the story. It doesnít matter how good the acting is, how well made the film is, if there isnít a story worth telling it isnít worth seeing. The Godfather is a page-turner in the truest sense; rich characters, intrigue, excitement, melodrama, comedy, tragedy. It has it all. After countless viewings, I still find new elements to relish as I watch.

Al Pacino
This is the movie that made me respect him. He has done a lot of other great work and a lot of other really terrible work, but in The Godfather he is Michael Corleone. Screw Marlon Brando and Robert Deniro (okay, I admit they are pretty amazing in this series too), itís Pacino that should have received an Oscar for bringing one of the most memorable and complex film characters to life. One of my favourite moments is when Michael, having had to protect Vito in the hospital, makes his first decision to enter his fatherís world.

The Rest of the Cast
Sure Pacino is the centre piece but you have to remember that this film also features James Cann, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, John Cazale (my personal favourite), the iconic Marlon Brando and a full cast who embody their roles and make the world of The Godfather complete.

The Music
Movie scores are one of the most important aspects of a film and this is one of the all time classics. It is easily memorable, perfectly appropriate, dramatically relevant and emotionally inspiring. One of a handful of the best music ever written for the screen and probably among the best pieces of music ever written, period.

Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather is one of the most perfectly directed films I have ever seen. He takes the time to tell the story, getting into the space of each character, enveloping the audience with his story. Directing is good story telling and this is the best of the best. Sure Fosseís work on Cabaret is fairly impressive but again, the Oscar went to the wrong person. Coppola deserved that award back in 1972.

My Favourite Scenes
There are so many, I will just list a few:
The perfectly orchestrated wedding sequence that opens the film.

Michael asking Apolloniaís father for permission to meet her.

Michaelís hit in the Italian restaurant.

Sonnyís murder.

Michael re-wooing Kate after leaving without a word.

The baptism set against the assassination of the other families.

ďLeave the gun, take the cannoli.Ē

The final shot of Kateís realization as she watches Michael through the frame of the closing door.

You havenít really seen a movie until you have seen The Godfather.

Review By: Collin Smith

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