Lust, Caution/Se, jie - Lusty and Cautious

Alliance Atlantis
Duration: 159min
Category: Thriller
Available: On DVD
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I donít believe that I could not enjoy an Ang Lee film. He is a master of getting into the emotions of his characters, usually going through some soul destroying challenge, and mapping their very souls. He does the same in Lust, Caution and once again I come out of the film completely satisfied.

Lust, Caution doesnít have the kind of story that grabs you like much of his other work. The plot is fairly straight forward and hardly revolutionary. It isnít as rich and detailed as Brokeback Mountain or Crouching Tiger or The Ice Storm. This is the one weakness of the piece. However, the film overcomes the limitations of its story by getting into the hearts of its characters and ripping them open. By the end, each is laid bare desperate to hold on to the rigid stoicness of their Chinese identity but bleeding emotionally all over themselves.

Although a long film, Lust, Caution moves quickly. Itís fascinating to watch the characters slowly implode. The much talked about sex is quite masterfully filmed. It is at once detached and moving. The bravery of the actors to put such a range of emotions into those scenes is striking and is a big part of what makes this film work. Tony Leung, always a pleasure to watch on screen, is especially strong here as he makes us care for his unlikeable character.

While not Leeís strongest work, Lust, Caution is still a beautiful and moving piece to be enjoyed.

Review By: Collin Smith

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