Fast Food Nation - Bland

20th Century Fox
Duration: 116min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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Fast Food Nation has a delicious subject and shouldn't be a hard sell. This dramatization wants to uncover all that is wrong with the food industry in America and it hits most of the high notes. However, it fails to satisfy as entertainment and I worry most of the message gets lost.

A lively documentary based on the book would have been a much more appetizing order. The decision by director Linklater (whose only good films are the Before movies) to fictionalize it backfired. He doesn't create one interesting story in his convoluted tale and therefore the film is a snoozer. Who cares about the message when we are too bored to follow the story.

The film is rarely funny, never shocking and just plain boring. A film that tries to attack something as fundamental to western society and capitalism as Mickey D's should be much more engaging. Fast Food Nation fails to inspire.

It's too bad too because there is a lot here to digest and it's just going to be passed over.

Review By: Collin Smith

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