Feast of Love - Feast of Famine

Duration: 102min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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Talky, ensemble pieces about grown ups with messed up love lives is a popular trend in Hollywood cinema. I think it comes from increased access of the market to indie films. Hollywood tries to make films that fit that groove. Rarely does it work. Friends with Money was a recent disaster. There is a new one every couple of months. Feast of Love is another example of this sort of film that just doesnít work.

The problem here is that this is a movie about relationship, but none of the relationships feel real. The film shows us snippets, vignettes and we are supposed to do the work of piecing together the rest. It doesnít give us enough so we are left with empty snippets. Nothing to build believable enough relationships on.

Feast of Love follows a number of characters that are loosely associated and move in and out of love with each other. Love comes fast and furious for these folks. Mostly it takes all of half a second for these guys to fall for each other and then itís either life long love or itís over just as quickly. Either way, the relationships feel empty and phoney.

So do the characters. None of them are painted with more than a few strokes. Each feels like a stock character. Itís almost like the writers pulled background and supporting characters from their other scripts and tried to see what they would do on their own. It turns out, not much.

All in all, Feast of Love is a fairly hollow, shallow piece that never really touches its subject; love. To do so, it would have to make its audience feel love. I donít think I could muster even a little bit of like for any of the caricatures in this story. If it wasnít for all the full frontal nudity, there would be no reason at all to see Feast of Love

Review By: Collin Smith

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