Man of the Year - For the People

Duration: 115min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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It's sad world we live in where the horrible R.V. becomes a hit and something smart but flawed like Man of the Year is a flop.

No wonder Robin Williams' career is in the toilet. Every time he tries to do something decent, it is slapped down yet when he does something inane it is rewarded.

Man of the Year is not the movie it was sold as. The ads made it look like a silly movie about a comedian reluctantly being swept to power and all the silly things he does as president. This is not the film you will see.

Instead it is a very dark critique of the American political system. Williams actively seeks the presidency and uses his campaign as an opportunity to point out a myriad of things that are wrong with American democracy.

The film gets lost as it becomes bogged down in a less worthy plot about corporate exploitation and cover up that just isn't executed well. However, when the film is riffing on the ills Capital Hill it's dead on. It's actually frightening how depressing the film becomes.

The film's ending is a bit of a cop out and it's too bad too. Without the silly romance plot and the cowardly ending, this film could have been a strong indictment of a system in desperate need of repair.

Review By: Collin Smith

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