11th Hour, the - Well Worth the 11th Hour

Duration: 135min
Category: Documentary
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It will be hard for another global warming documentary to garner as much attention as 2006’s An Inconvenient Truth. That film was a zeitgeist of being the right film at the right time to really capture a nation’s, and the world’s, attention and sparking what is likely the beginning of a real push towards a more sustainable economy and society. The 11th Hour, although remarkably different, is left in the shadow and will not have the kind of reception its predecessor had.

And it is too bad too. While The 11th Hour isn’t as flashy, funny or entertaining as Truth, it is also very engaging and its message isn’t quite the same. This isn’t as much an argument for mankind’s impact on global warming, as it is a focus on the solutions. The film illustrates the problem, and once again showing how ridiculous those are who doubt our impact on climate change, and looks at how our impact can be changed.

The brilliance of this film is how “global” its perspective is. What I mean is that The 11th Hour looks at how our entire society’s make up contributes to the problem and looks at the kinds of choices we are going to have to make if we wish to survive. It connects consumerism, fossil fuel addiction, and ecology in a way that makes it clear how we each are complicit in the current state of our environment. This leads to how the little changes we can make and the ways that we can shift our thinking will have a significant impact.

The 11th Hour is a traditional “talking heads” style documentary. It doesn’t have a charismatic Al Gore type to steal the show. DiCaprio doesn’t allow himself to overshadow the issue. Despite the film not pushing the entertainment envelop, it manages to engage its audience and make a strong case for a new way of thinking.

The kind of thinking that 20, 50, 100 years from now, future generations will not believe we didn’t embrace more fully.

Make sure you catch The 11th Hour, in whatever format you prefer.

Review By: Collin Smith

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