Mr. Beans Holiday - The Last Bean?

Duration: 90min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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How can anyone not enjoy Mr. Bean? Rowin Atkinsonís most famous character is a riot and his trip to the south of France in Mr. Beanís Holiday is no exception. Itís too bad Atkinson has said this will be his last turn as Mr. Bean.

While nothing comes close to the Mr. Bean Christmas Special for all-out side splitting laughs, Mr. Beanís Holiday is a treat and provides many great moments and much hurting in the sides.

The problem with Beanís first trip to the big screen, simple called Bean on this side of the Atlantic, was that it didnít offer much new. For Bean fans, the film was disappointing in that there were so many jokes and riffs ripped from the television series.

What makes Mr. Beanís Holiday so much fun is that all his shtick is new. This makes for some unexpected laughs. Plus, although the film does interweave the funny bits through the loosest of plots, it allows the funny bits to shine through. The first Bean film got bogged down in too much needless plot. This one throws that out the window, stitches together a minimal story to get him from one disaster to the next, and allows Bean to run rampant through his random adventuresÖ which is just how it should be.

Mr. Beanís Holiday is great for so many reasons including the fact that this G rated film (at least in Canada) is accessible to anyone of any age without condescending to its audience. It means you can take your kids and still enjoy yourself just as much. What a lovely vacation from the norm these days.

Please, Mr. Atkinson, donít let this be the last we see of Bean.

Review By: Collin Smith

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