Fall Movie Preview 2007 - Collin's Pessimistic Motion Picture Predictions

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2007 has been a disappointing year for me and cinema so far. However, I am still holding out for the fall. Below are some films that I am very thrilled to see, some I am sort of curious about, and a few I will comment on that I dread seeing. I donít mention them all, there are too many that I just donít care about. I will talk about some that inspire me to babble on. Hereís hoping the last leg of í07 makes up for the lack of good picks so far.


Across the Universe: Julie Taymor directs a post-modern, Beatles-song filled musical about young love which stars the mesmerizing Evan Rachel Wood. If I could line up now I would. Have you seen this trailer? Wood also stars in King of California with Michael Douglas which looks to put him in the only kind of role I enjoy him in; Wonderboysish. Therefore Iíll be there for that too.

Sweeney Todd: And while we are on the subject of musicals, this is like a match made in heaven. Depp, Bonham Carter, Burton, Sasha Baron Cohen and naturally Sondheim. A mix this good doesnít come along that often.

Lust, Caution: Anything Ang Lee does I will see and probably loveÖ and itís got the Tony Leung. I canít get there fast enough. Now if only I knew when Kar Wai's My Blueberry Nights gets a wide release...

Assassination of Jesse James: I love a great western and this has potential; great cast, awesome subject matter, beautiful cinematography. I know the rumor mill is saying this stinks but I donít trust the rumor mill since everyone thought Titanic was going to sink the week before it opened.

3:10 to Yuma: I admit this may be the better western. The trailers look awesome and the buzz is stronger. Either way I will hopefully get one good western. Itís been a dry spell since The Proposition.

Beowulf: The images look amazing in this and itís a story that doesnít get tired. Then again, Zemeckis hasnít made a film Iíve loved since Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It looks like heís done everything right here.

Eastern Promises: Cronenbergís latest reteams him with History of Violence star Viggo Mortensen. Along for the ride is Namoi Watts. Sounds great!

Youth Without Youth: Could this be Coppolaís return to greatness? Itís finally the kind of film he should be making.


The Brave One: Jodie Foster. Terrance Howard. Neil Jordan. Should be good for a few chills.

The Kingdom: This drama about Americanís investigating murder in the middle east has a great cast including Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and the wonderful Jason Bateman. But the trailer seems like itís trying to hard to be ďgrittyĒ Oscar bait. It doesnít get my pulse racing but maybe it will have a strong centre.

American Gangster: Scott. Washington. Crowe. Donít forget the less known Chiwetel Ejiofor. Should be a nasty, over the top, epic.

Dan in Real Life: Is this the movie that sells out Steve Carell to the sappy suburban aesthetic of the mass market? Letís hope not.

Sluth: Michael Cane revisits his film by casting Jude Law in his old role and getting the too-long-away-from-behind-the-camera Branagh to direct. Sounds like a great idea. I hope it works.

Run Fatboy Run: Sure itís got one of the funniest men working in film today, Simon Pegg, but itís also directed by Friends has been David Schwimmer. Does he have any reason to be behind the camera? I guess we will see.

Into the Wild: I was not a big fan of the book or author Krakauerís style in general but he sure knows how to sell books and Sean Penn, who directs this, is a strong film maker. Who knows?

Crossing Over: I am dying to see my former idol, Harrison Ford, do something decent again. Maybe this rambling drama is finally it. Fingers crossed.

30 Days of Night: Itís got a good premise for a horror film; vampires living up north where they have a month of no sunlight at all. Too bad itís got Josh Hartnett in it who has been known to ruin a perfectly good movie with his wooden, barely-there acting.

Shoot Ďem Up: Dumbest title ever for a film? Maybe. Hot ass trailer? Definitely.

Iím Not There: Different actors and actresses all playing Bob Dylan at different stages of his life? Okay, youíve peaked my interest. So what happens now? If they can make it work it could be a great film.

The Golden Compass: I wasnít wild about the book and the trailer looks like itís ripping off Narnia. Still, maybe it will be more magical that it seems.


Mr. Woodcock: It has a horrible trailer and it has the lovely Susan Sarandan embarrassing herself. I donít even want to see the trailer again.

Saw IV: This series got bad 2 films agoÖ and wasnít even that good to start. You know when you can crank one out each year that it's just about quantity and not quality. Please stop buying tickets so this mass produced, assembly line garbage can be put out of its misery.

I am Legend: While I think the premise is a good one, the execution looks pretty pedestrian. While I donít dread this, I donít really ever care to see it either.

Lion For Lambs: This trailer is hideous. Robert Redfordís drama with Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep screams overacting overload! Remember the Sean Penn remake of All the Kingís Men? This looks that bad. Stop trying so hard and just make a great film. Ditto for Charlie Wilsonís War.

Bee Movie: Okay, I am not really dreading this one but the marketing was so smart with Seinfeld in a big bee costume. Finally they reveal scenes from the actual film and it looks like a let down. Nothing original here.

Fred Claus: Again, the teaser trailer, which just featured Paul Giamatti and Vince Vaughn riffing, looked brilliant. Now that weíve seen the actual footage, itís a groaner for sure.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets: Why is this a movie series? Who actually goes to the multiplex and says ďhmmÖ of all my choices I really want to see National TreasureĒ? Why does Nic Cage even have a career at this point? What could we pay him to stop making movies?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Does Hollywood think there is a demand for this? Did they think there was a demand for Fat Albert? They could have asked me and I would tell them no one wants to see a live action CGI adaptation of the Chipmunks.

Hopefully by Christmas we are celebrating more of these than lamenting them. I don't want 2007 to be a complete write off. Happy holidays.

Review By: Collin Smith

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