Invasion - Could Have Been Worse

Duration: 93min
Category: Thriller
Available: On DVD
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You know a movie is going to bomb when it is delayed for as long as The Invasion was delayed, has big stars like The Invasion has but has very little advertising by the studio, and gets dumped with a mid-August release. Usually these are signs of a real stinker. Even before it was released, pretty much everyone who talks about these sorts of unimportant things was writing off The Invasion as a disaster.

You know what? itís really not that bad. In a summer of lame threequels, The Invasion isnít the bottom of the heap. Itís certainly not as stupid as Transformers. Itís not as poorly put together as Spider-man 3. Itís not as convoluted as Pirates 3. Could it possibly be as bad as Rush Hour 3? This filmís main flaw is that itís horribly average.

Still, The Invasion, a loose remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, isnít that great either. The film feels edited down to the bare minimum so things feel rushed, motivations seem a bit forced, and people seem to solve complicated problems a little too quickly.

Also, The Invasion is not crafted in a way that creates real ďcreepiness.Ē This story is about paranoia. Unlike the original which was a veiled critique of the red scare, this attacks our fear of viruses. However the film just doesnít get under our skin and it needs to or else it doesnít really work.

That being said, the story is engaging enough to be mildly entertaining. Itís a decent renter when there is nothing else worth checking out. Still, I find it odd that a mediocre film like this gets dumped on so hard when there is real crap out there that people are lining up for.

Oh, and someone needs to get Nicole Kidman a new agent.

Review By: Collin Smith

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