Bourne Ultimatum, the - Best Bourne

Duration: 111min
Category: action
Available: On DVD
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Warning to fans of the book The Bourne Ultimatum: this movie in no way resembles the book.

Like the other Bourne movies, this film has little to do with the novels of the same names. Also like those films, this is a smart and thrilling summer action movie, and probably the best one yet.

One of the most satisfying things about The Bourne Ultimatum is how the film makers reveal in this final chapter the things they have been building up to all along. It shows that the first two films weren't random. They were laying seeds that would progess to this conclusion... and it's a satisfying one. Often series have a hard time living up to their own build up but Ultimatum delivers and brings the series to a nice close.

Pleading to the film makers: please don't make another. This is a good place to stop. Don't beat this into the ground.

Ultimatum is what action movies should be. The plot is engaging and doesn't insult your intelligence (like in the overrated Transformers). The action doesn't go so over the top that it shatters all disbelief and every building in the vacinity (like in Transformers or the Die Hard series). This is old fashioned action with stunts and well developed suspense. This is the kind of film they invented the phrase "on the edge of your seat" for.

The plot is well crafted in that it advances and concludes the story through a series of thrilling action sequences that allow the characters to develop and shine. Good acting, good dialoge, good story. Why aren't all summer blockbusters like this?

Review By: Collin Smith

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