Simpsons Movie, the - We may be suckers but it is worth it

20th Century Fox
Duration: 87min
Category: comedy
Available: On DVD
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After waiting all this time to see my favourite TV family hit the big screen I can say with relief that it was worth the wait. The Simpsons Movie is a great big giant bunch of fun and laughs, just like it should be.

The creators were smart by not attempting to be anything more than what the show already is; smart, funny and damn entertaining. They didnít try to turn it into some series altering event or change everything for the big screen by going all 3D or something stupid like that. Instead they brought us a film which is like a very good episode of the series, just longer and with a few more dollars spent on special effects.

And thatís what it is. The Simpsons Movie is like the best episodes, a bit rambling, wonderful satiric, filled with love amongst the irony, and surprises amongst the laughs. Itís certainly not the best ďepisodeĒ theyíve done but itís up there with the favourites and really, thatís all we can ask for.

Sure they throw in a few big screen nods, like nudity and cursing, but itís minimal. Basically, the creators do what they do best. In the beginning they even berate us for paying money to see something we can get for free on TV.

Theyíre right but I donít care. It was still money well spent.

Review By: Collin Smith

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