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When I first saw The Bourne Identity I was quite disappointed. I was a fan of the book but the movie didn't adapt the story in the book. Instead it took the same basic premise and created a new story. I wanted to see the story I knew to be The Bourne Identity. Therefore I never bothered to watch it again.

Many years later I finally brought myself around to seeing it again and this time I went in knowing it would be it's own story. Finally I could appreciate the film for what it is, a very smart, very exciting action film that gets your mind working as well as your heart pumping.

Sure this may not be very much like Ludlum's original novel but it's still a great idea. I still maintain that the film makers could have made a film true to the novel but stepping back from that, I must admit that this is a great film. Besides the cheesy, Hollywood ending, the film is strong and entertaining with great action sequences, good performances and a compelling story. Even the thrown together romance doesn't feel to phoney. The choice to use no score during those scenes works very well.

The series follows with The Bourne Supremacy which is an equally strong film. It does what a good sequel should, advance the story in a believable manner without simply redoing the same story again. It deepens the characters and backstory. We feel we get to know Bourne better through this tale. It also raises the stakes. The movie Bourne is less noble than the one from the novels, even if he is seeking redemption.

This film has even less to do with its source material than the first did but at this point it's fine. It even manages to fix the cheesy, Hollywood ending of the first and use that to great dramatic effect. Finally I am engrossed in the Bourne mythos and care about the protagonist. Suddenly I am eager to see how the third one, The Bourne Ultimatum, will play out... and since I imagine it too will have nothing to do with the novel of the same name, I have no idea how it will all end.

This is the kind of series where you don't feel that you can tell where it is going or what will happen next. It's not the Citizen Cain of action movies or anything but it's pretty damn good and it's definitely worth renting this package to refresh yourself on this adventure. I love that it can keep me on the edge of my seat and thrill me without insulting my intelligence. Also you get all the cool European scenery to enjoy in the background. This is a franchise that is well worth the investment, especially at the bargain price they are selling this for.

Review By: Collin Smith

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