Sunshine - Future is so Bright

20th Century Fox
Duration: 107min
Category: Sci Fi
Available: On DVD
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Itís hard to prepare yourself to experience a movie like Sunshine. Danny Boyle is becoming a master film maker and I would venture to say that Sunshine is his best work yet.

Sunshine, like 28 Days Later and Millions before it, is a genre busting tour de force that transcends everything you expect. This is special effect riddled sci fi but itís so much more than that. This is Alien and 2001 quality. This is the kind of sci fi that gets into your head and screws it up.

Itís also one of the most stunning films of the year. Itís impossible to take your eyes away from each beautiful frame. You donít really get a sense of it until you see it on the big screen burning up at you. Sunshine is beautiful.

Boyle accomplishes a few miracles here. First he draws a good performance out of Chris Evans. The rest of his dream cast are always strong but put together, including the usually awful Evans, this team (including the equally beautiful and talented pair of Michelle Yeoh and Cillian Murphey) makes a truly remarkable ensemble.

His next strength is creating a real sense of fear. The film has so much more than that, taking us to places like tragedy, hope, longing, and many other well crafted emotions, but itís the fear that is most impressive. In this age of Eli Roth and Michael Bay, it seems film makers are really struggling to get under our skin and instead rely on flash cuts and gruesome special effects to creep us out. Boyle goes old school to get us to places of real fear, creating real tension and suspense in a manner that is rarely seen. Some may complain about the end but I thought it was a fitting and exhilarating cap to this epic. Sunshine is truly terrifying.

But itís also so much more. Itís beautiful. Itís painful. Itís riveting. Sunshine is the kind of film I wish summer blockbusters were like. In a summer where weíve had to suffer through a whole lot of dumbÖ and weíre getting so numb to it many are confusing dumb with funÖ itís wonderful to be able to enjoy and be moved by something like Sunshine.

Review By: Collin Smith

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