Bewitched - Not Bewitching

Category: comedy
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It's painful to watch actors you normally admire lower themselves to slug through an unfunny and far from entertaining mess like this TV adaptation. Bewitched may or may not have been a good idea for a big screen transformation but this certainly wasn't the best possible result.

The film makers take the odd, but slightly genius, idea of making this redo about a redo. Will Farrell is an actor who has fallen a bit in popularity and he decides to rebuild his career by starring in a TV redo of the old hit show. Huh? Even I know that's not a career booster. He ensures that a nobody, Nicole Kidman, is cast opposite him so he can be the star. She just happens to be an actual witch.

I think the premise of a witch pretending not to be a witch but acting in a show about being a witch who pretends not to be one is actually quite clever and in the right hands could have been genius. This is not genius. It's really poorly executed. It's rarely funny. The jokes are all quite trite and the premise never really works. There is no chemistry between the leads and seeing Michael Cain embarrass himself in this is depressing.

The only bright spot is Steve Carell's impression of Paul Lynde. It's damn funny. He's only in the last 10 minutes. Skip the rest of the film and just watch that.

Review By: Collin Smith

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