Jackass Number Two - The Sociology of the Jackass

Duration: 95min
Category: comedy
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I can't believe I am saying this but I laughed my ass off during Jackass Number Two.

If you aren't familiar with the Jackass boys, imagine the most ridiculously immature frat boys you can doing the stupidest gross-out stunts you can and you've pretty much got the picture. This is what the phrase, "do not try this at home" was invented for. These guys ride rockets into lakes, stick leaches on their testicles and eyeballs, consume horse seaman, ram themselves into things, piece their cheeks with fishhooks and jump to the shark infested water to be shark bait, stick their hands in bear traps, and find amazingly elaborate ways to fart at each other. I am honestly surprised that no one was killed during the making of this film.

That's why I find it amazing that I was so entertained and that I laughed so much. Thinking about it after, I came to see that there is an amazing spirit behind these stunts. Each of the crazy schmucks involved, loves what they are doing. They are having a great time, and (unlike Borat) everyone is in on the joke. Those getting dumped on (sometimes literally) are willing participants and its all in good fun.

Normally I don't go for this kind of frat boy humour because it's usually about making someone look foolish. Usually, they pull a prank and put someone who is unsuspecting and unwilling into a horrible position. It's an attempt to beef up weak egos at the expense of someone else.

That's not the case with Jackass. These guys do these tricks to themselves and they enjoy it. It's about pushing yourself. Sure, it's about pushing yourself into the ridiculous, but it's fun.

So in the end it's okay to enjoy this film... if you can even call it a film. It's not really a film in the traditional sense, but who cares. If it feels good do it... or in the case of this movie, if it hurts do it.

Just don't eat anything while watching this.

Review By: Collin Smith

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