Paris je t aime - Oui, je t aime

20th Century Fox
Duration: 120min
Category: Romance
Available: On DVD
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If you have ever been to Paris, you must have fallen in love with it. Even if you know itís not the place you can live with the rest of your life, a part of you will always long for it. Being in Paris is like being in love itself. Paris je tíaime taps into that longing and loving.

Like all anthologies, Paris je tíaime is inconsistent, but the good news is that even the least interesting of the little shorts that make up Paris je tíaime is lovely. During some I did check my watch, but mostly I just let myself get absorbed into the lovely little films. Each one different. Each one charming in its own way.

Paris je tíaime is made by an eclectic group of film makers, each tackling a different story and a different style. All they have in common is the city of lights and the theme of love, sometimes lost, sometimes found.

Itís impossible not to love these little romances that capture so beautifully what it feels like to walk the streets of Paris.

Review By: Collin Smith

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