Sicko - Good Medicine

Duration: 115min
Category: Documentary
Available: On DVD
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You know Michael Moore is doing his job because the right hate him so much. If he wasnít doing such good work, they wouldnít be so worked up.

Heís done it again with Sicko his look at the healthcare system in America. He does what he always does. He nails the issues and makes a very compelling argument. While he does that he makes a tremendously entertaining film that brings your from laughs to tears. He is an entertainer and a very talented film maker who uses his powers for good.

Donít make a mistake. This isnít journalism. This is a well constructed argument, not equal time. As Moore has said, the forces that want to keep people from having health care have plenty of time to air their views. The two hours Moore provides us with are a good start to the counter balance.

It would be hard to watch this film and not feel sadness at the state of health care in the U.S. If you love America at all, you want to see the problems in the country fixed. If you love that country at all you don't pretend that it's perfect.

The thing I find most interesting about Mooreís critics is how they always attack him and never attack what he says. After Fahrenheit 911 he offered a large sum of money to anyone who could prove that anything in that film was not true. He has not had to pay out any money.

Still I do feel he could have spent a little more time addressing the main criticisms of public health care. Sicko makes the systems in the UK, France and Canada seem perfect. Anyone who lives in those countries knows they are not, but that's beside the point. They still kick the American system's ass and he should address that instead of painting with such a rose coloured brush.

I do agree with his position however thatís not what this review is about. I am reviewing this as a film and itís a pretty amazing one.

Review By: Collin Smith

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