Ratatouille - Five Stars

Walt Disney
Duration: 110min
Category: family
Available: On DVD
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Itís good to know The Incredibles was not a fluke. Brad Bird is a true artist and his second collaboration with Pixar is a brilliant, inspiring little film of true beauty. Bird and Pixar made another film that completely transcends the animated family genre to become something much more. Ratatouille is a delicious treat.

Ratatouille is a wholly original story thatís layered with subplots, ideas and themes. It upsets what we think of as a family movie and offers something completely new. This isnít a slapstick comedy of overly cutesy animals making fart jokes. Itís nothing like Shrek. Itís not even anything likeThe Incredibles or Birdís other great animated film The Iron Giant. Itís actually nothing like anything youíve seen before. Itís just a great story, told so beautifully.

This is probably Pixarís most exquisitely rendered film. This is what they make big screens for. The film makes Paris even more beautiful than it really is. The characters are so wonderfully drawn. After Monsters Inc. Pixar was in danger of developing a very mechanical style to their animation but they have evolved out of that, first with Finding Nemo through to the achingly gorgeous characters of Ratatouille.

This is the kind of story that could only be told in animation. Itís the kind of story that animation revels in. Itís really a very grown up story. Sure the kids can enjoy this, and they will, but this can only be truly appreciated by adults.

Ratatouille is one of the best films you will see all year. You can tell when film makers love their work and this is the perfect example.

We give "reels" on this site and not "stars" like restaurant reviewers. But this little chef would get 5 stars for sure.

Review By: Collin Smith

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