Day Watch - Daylight

20th Century Fox
Duration: 132min
Category: action
Available: On DVD
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If you havenít seen Nightwatch, the Russian mythical epic that is the first chapter of this story, then suffice it to say you have missed something great. Nightwatch is a visually stunning, narratively evocative thrill ride that tells the story of a battle between the forces of light and dark. The story isnít straight forward or formulaic so encapsulating it would be difficult. Itís a blockbuster adventure and itís an A ticket ride.

Thatís why it is so exciting to be able to enjoy this sequel. In the summer of 2007 there were a lot of really cheap, poorly executed Hollywood sequels. If you read my review of Pirates of the Caribbean At Worldís End you will know how sad this summer roster has made me. There is something visceral about going to the movies for a true fan and it seems to be sapped away by the opportunistic marketing of a machine that cares more for the box office than for thrilling the fans. A system which churns out lackluster, emotionless duplicates like soma for the masses.

Daywatch is the antidote. It is a completely satisfying sequel in all ways. Not only does it out do the original in special effects, story and scope, it also advances the story in a manner which is on the one hand shocking and surprising and on the other completely natural. This is how sequels should be made. The Hollywood studios should be paying attention.

I want my blockbusters to be exciting and original, daring and creative. I want to awe at the screen and wait with baited breath for the next chapter. Nightwatch and Daywatch provide that kind of entertainment. Make sure you buy your ticket.

Review By: Collin Smith

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