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Duration: 129min
Category: comedy
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Knocked Up is one of those movies that proves my theory that it doesn’t matter what genre it is, a movie can be a great movie and is never just “good for what it is.” Knocked Up may be a raunchy comedy but it’s also one of the smartest and most satisfying comedies I have seen in a long time.

I can’t imagine anyone going to see this film and not enjoying themselves. Knocked Up is the kind of film that has you laughing, and laughing hard, all the way through it. The jokes are top notch. They don’t cheep out with easy jokes, the kind you usually get in films about couples hooking up. These are the kind of smart, insightful jokes that remain funny after the first time you hear them. These are adult jokes for grown ups. Maybe teens wouldn’t quite get it. There is some sophisticated stuff in there. The sheer amount of jokes is staggering as well. Most comedies have long spells of not funny bits thrown in among the humour. Knocked Up keeps them coming.

Well… there is a little bit in the middle where the film feels a little less funny than the rest but this is overcome quickly and then it all chuckles again.

Knocked Up is great because there is an actual story here. You don’t feel that the story is woven around getting from one joke to the next. Instead, the humour arises from the situations and the characters. There is a lot of stuff being said here about relationships, gender, family, etc. It’s all fascinating and that makes it even funnier.

For some reason, the filmmakers do stumble a little in the middle as they do some stretching to keep our hero and heroine apart for a little while longer. It feels a bit phoney and, like I said before, I found it a little less funny. Fortunately, they get themselves back on track and Knocked Up becomes a near perfect comedy. This is the kind of movie that will be funny again and again.

Review By: Collin Smith

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