Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End - Only a Banker Could Love It

Walt Disney
Duration: 168min
Category: Adventure
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At World's End is a good example of much of what is wrong with the Hollywood studio system.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good summer blockbuster. There is an energy about them, the good ones, that makes it exciting to go to the movies. There is something about a great movie series, whether it's the summer sequels of today or the old Saturday serials of yesteryear, that is movie going magic.

However, in 2007, the summer of the threquels, this energy seems to be missing.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a series that should not have been. The first film was a fluke of light but fun adventure, sentimental nostalgia and Johnny Depp. It become a big phenom and suprisingly it was fun. The thing is that just because it made money isn't a reason they should make more.

I guess it's a reason if you are a banker or a studio head. If you see movies as a source of profit then it makes perfect sense to milk it for all its worth. However, if you are a fan who loves the idea of going to the movies, seeing this kind of assembly line summer blockbuster get cranked out is actually a very depressing experience.

There is a passion to film series like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter that transcends the megabucks industries each one has become. Pirates, on the other hand, just doesn't have the same magic. It's kitch and it is fun in small quantities but not one really cares about Elizabeth and the rest of the crew enough to get pumped up for the line up.

The other problem is that At World's End is a convoluted, incomprehensible mess. The film just isn't made well. It has the kind of story no one cares about or is even really able to follow. Instead of the sequel being born out of some need to tell the story, the story is born out of a need for a sequel. It's meaningless and it's hollow. It cheapens the whole movie going experience. It's about cashing in. I guess it's appropriate it's about pirates.

The story makes no sense, the characters are forgettable and the whole thing is boring. Yes, it's the "B" word. The biggest sin a movie can commit. It's far too long and far too sacchrine for anyone to get truly invested in. The only redeeming thing I can say about it is that Depp only says "savvy" once. Thank God. I was so tired of that in the first two. That's another thing. Depp used to hold out for interesting and challenging parts. Now he seems to be the kind of actor who will settle for the easy, big paycheck roles (like Nic Cage).

As I watched At World's End I got sad. I remembered all those summers I spent in cinemas watching Aliens, Superman, and other series that will live on in my heart and I knew that Pirates isn't going to be that for anyone... except the investors with Disney stock.

Review By: Collin Smith

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