Georgia Rule - Georgia Sucks

Duration: 113min
Category: drama
Available: On DVD
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Georgia Rule is the kind of film that needs a very delicate hand if it’s going to work. Unfortunately, director Gary Marshall, the screen writers and most of the cast are far to heavy handed to make it work. Too much of it comes off too obtuse and not feeling very real.

At the risk of spoiling the plot, the story deals with sexual abuse. Georgia Rule kinds of throws it at us in little blitzkrieg like scenes that are sprinkled amongst light, romantic comedy moments. It ends up being a bit of a trivializing mess.

Too bad the cast really isn’t up for it. Lindsey Lohan overacts her way through each scene. I guess she thinks that yelling her lines is her way of getting into character. Even the venerable Jane Fonda seems to have forgotten how to act during her long break from the silver screen. She always seems awkward. She’s not as bad as she was in Monster-In-Law, but she’s still pretty bad.

Felicity Hoffman holds her own. She does as much as she can with the weak material she’s given. I hate to see good actresses slumming. Too bad she’s surrounded by actors like the always wooden Dermot Mulroney.

Georgia Rule just doesn’t work. It’s has a few mildly funny moments but these can all be found in the trailer. The gravitas just doesn’t work and makes the film far less satisfying. If you are a die hard fan of anyone in this film, try to catch it on cable somewhere so you don’t have to actually fork out money on it.

Review By: Collin Smith

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