2007 Summer Preview - Collin's Summer Blues

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Itís the summer of the ďthreequelĒ and I canít remember a time I was more underwhelmed by the slate of summer blockbusters that are set to bombard the multiplex. Donít get me wrong, I love the big summer films as much as the next guy but this year there are too many sequels from franchises I just donít care enough about.

Does the world really need another Shrek? How long can that joke go on? And Pirates 2 was so abysmally lame that I just donít know if itís possible to salvage Pirates 3. Can the world even survive another Rush Hour? I canít say I am dying for a third Oceanís movie or a third Bourne film. Of the 3s, Spider-man makes the most sense to meÖ even with Topher Grace as the villain.

And itís not just third instalments this summer there are fourth and fifth. Live Free or Die Hard? Once you are done laughing in disbelief, shudder at the sound of another career crashing and burning. I know that the Potter fans canít wait for Order of the Phoenix but honestly, I just donít get that excited. I love Steve Carell but I donít know if I think that a Bruce Almighty sequel is really necessary. And can you believe there is another penguin movie? This time itís called Surfís Up. Iím ready to strangle the next penguin I see.

And then there are the standard blockbusters. As much as I have fantasised all my life about seeing robots transform into cars and other heavy machinery, with worst director of all time, Michael Bay, directing, Transformers is sure to be a big bust.

Despite all this there is some hope. There are a few little gems that look to please during the summer heat. You can read all about the big movies in all the magazines so I thought I would try to convince you to take a shot on a few smaller ones. I canít guarantee they will be good but they will certainly be a lot less predictable than movies made from books we have all read already.

Paris, Je tíaime and yes I do! This collection of short stories about falling in love from a myriad of directors with a stellar cast all set in the world romance capital is sure to be a pleasure.

For fans of comedy this summer looks hot. Anyone who saw The 40 Year Old Virgin will know that the folks behind Knocked Up are truly funny. This tale about a one night standing leading to a life long commitment looks clever. After Smokiní Aces and Arrested Development I am pumped to see Jason Bateman as a jerk in a wheelchair in The Ex. And then there is Keri Russel and the totally underrated and cursed Nathan Fillion in oddball romantic comedy Waitress.

The sequel I do want to see is 28 Weeks Later. I donít believe in sequels for sequels sake but this is a great idea for a sequel to a movie that was truly frightening and brilliant. Also, Daywatch is the much anticipated follow up to the masterful Vampire epic Nightwatch from Russia. Just tell me when and I will line up.

Speaking of scary, letís hope Bug about a paranoid vet hold up in a hotel room gets all claustrophobic and horrific and doesnít remind me of the awful Vacancy. And will Severance be smart, scary fun or just another slasher?

And then there is prestige. Can you imagine a film with a cast like Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Clare Danes, Vanessa Redgrave, and Toni Collette? Because of the drama Evening you donít have to. Great casts have flopped before (whatever you do skip the All The Kingís Men remake) but they are worth a shot. Martian Child gives John Cusack the chance to be the actor he really is. Then Christian Bale is back to being a serious actor in Rescue Dawn. But the prestige project that I am most excited about is Sarah Polleyís directing debut. Sheís a great actor and casting Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent in the Alzheimerís drama shows sheís got good instincts.

Those who disagree with him love to hate him but honestly he makes such entertaining and fascinating films. Michael Moore is back with a film about the American health care system called Sicko which hopefully will be good for a few laughs at ourselves. Speaking of comedy, Death at a Funeral is from the underrated Frank Oz and looks to be darkly amusing. Finally, near the end of the summer Mr. Bean comes back just in time to save dumb comedy from itself!

There may even be a few potential blockbusters worth their weight in box office. The Simpsons Movie looks to be what this long lived series needs to kick it back into high gear and the re-teaming of Pixar and Brad Bird can only mean good things with Ratatouille.

Maybe I am a bit more excited about this summerís roster than I originally thought. I guess weíll see when I actually review these films. Will this summer be a heat wave or a sweltering mess? Something tells me that the best thing about this summer will be never having to sit through the most offensive trailer in the history of movies I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. If I never see that thing again it will be far too soon.

Review By: Collin Smith

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