Hot Fuzz - Homage Fuzz

Duration: 121min
Category: action
Available: On DVD
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Those brit boys have done it again. Like they did in the brilliant Shaun of the Dead, director Edgar Wright and writer/actor Simon Pegg have taken a silly genre, embraced all that is wacky and wonderful about it, and reinvented that genre as something wonderful.

Hot Fuzz is a cop/buddy movie in the vein of Bad Boys. However, this film is smarter than the films it is paying homage to. Itís self aware and it knows how ridiculous its conceits are. It inverts them and makes them into something special. Hot Fuzz is hilarious and exciting all at once. Itís the kind of film that is a joy to watch.

Pegg, joined here again by his on screen sidekick Nick Frost, is brilliant nailing his character of the law and order type perfectly. Frost is the lazy slob partner and together they make the ultimate cop partners. They nail the bad guys in a hail of slow motion bullets and blood that would make Michael Bay proud. However, they do so without sacrificing brains. They can hold their heads high.

Itís not really right to call what these guys do ďparodyĒ of ďspoof.Ē ďHomageĒ is more appropriate. This isnít Scary Movie. Itís not dumb jokes and ridicule. Itís a loving tribute that celebrates all the flaws of the action film genre. If youíve ever loved a Die Hard or Bad Boys even though you know itís stupid than Hot Fuzz is for you.

Or if you really just love good movies then make sure you donít miss this one.

I canít wait to see what Wright and Pegg do next. At this point, I canít imagine they can do wrong.

Review By: Collin Smith

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