Fracture - I Saw the Light

New Line
Duration: 112min
Category: Mystery
Available: On DVD
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I donít know if I have ever seen a movie as aggressively lit as Fracture. Every scene is shadows and silhouettes cast by colourful light streaming in from big background windows. In fact, the lighting in Fracture is so over the top, itís almost hard to pay attention to the movie.

Which is probably for the best. The plot here is fairly standard and not very innovative. Itís your basic courtroom mystery. You know heís guilty but how did he get away with it and will the young attorney find a way to trap him? Fractureís not completely transparent or even stupid, itís just not that inspiring. Good thing the lighting is so fascinating.

The one part of Fracture that is truly fascinating is watching the two leads. Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins are among the best of their generations and pitting them against each other in this game of cat and mouse makes for great movie watching. They are obviously having fun and the director does a good job of just letting each of them run wild with it. Their characters are broad and neither is very nuanced or complicated. However, both actors are masters and they are having fun with it. They are riveting to watch.

Otherwise, Fracture is a fairly forgettable film. Itís even got one of those generic titles that doesnít really mean anything and is only there cause films donít have numbers. Still, watching Hopkins and Gosling makes it all worth it.

And then there is all that cool lighting!

Review By: Collin Smith

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