Meet the Robinsons - Future's So Bright

Walt Disney
Duration: 102min
Category: family
Available: On DVD
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Meet the Robinsons is a bit deceiving. At first, it feels like itís going to be just another, run of the mill, broad animated comedy with toilet humour and outrageous characters. I was a bit worried that Disney was falling into the trap of copying the other animation studios due to their successes. After the decidedly average Chicken Little, was Meet the Robinsons also going to be average?

After the film gets rolling, it becomes clear that Robinsons is actually quite brilliant. When it lets itself go loose, it become wonderfully bizarre. Itís wonderfully absurd in the manner of a Jerry Lewis or Peter Sellers. It reaches moments of insane brilliance. Most of this will go over the heads of the little ones.

Unfortunately, Meet the Robinsons gets bogged down in its own plot. Itís not a very interesting story, what makes this film is its craziness. When it gets back on track and tries to tell its story it slows down a bit. Then there is a boring little explanation scene that reveals the big ďtwistĒ which really isnít that surprising and fairly transparent from the beginning.

Meet the Robinsons would have been even more brilliant if it had just been allowed to let loose and go nuts. When it does, itís ridiculously entertaining. When itís trying to be ďfamilyĒ entertainment, it looses a bit. It doesnít find a balance between its story and itís absurdity in the way the wonderful yet underrated Lilo and Stitch did. Still there is enough here to suggest that the director, Stephen J Anderson might have a future as bright as our little hero does.

Review By: Collin Smith

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