Lookout, the - Lookout for Gordon-Levitt

Duration: 99min
Category: Crime
Available: On DVD
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made some impressive choices since leaving Third Rock from the Sun. He was strong in Brick and especially good in Mysterious Skin. Now, once again, he gives a very strong centre to The Lookout.

As a film, The Lookout really isnít anything special. Itís the story of a troubled young man trying to overcome his issues who gets caught up with the wrong people. His foray into the darker side of life goes wrong and once again he has to overcome the consequences of his choices. There is little surprising or original here. The film doesnít offer any great insights or fascinating characters, but Gordon-Levitt gives a damn fine performance that is engrossing to watch.

He layers his rather standout character, making him multi-dimensional and well realised. You can see him working through his issues and coming to terms with the relationships he has with those around him. His performance is subtle and he never lets it get over the top. Gordon-Levitt seems to have a good future ahead of him if he keeps picking good roles and shining in them.

Otherwise The Lookout is fairly standard. Itís engaging enough that the audience isnít lost but it does drag a bit at times. Thereís some real pathos near the end that pull you in. Mostly I will remember the strong performance at the centre of the film and look forward to what he does next.

Review By: Collin Smith

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